Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rollux comply with airlines’ bag-size regulations?

Each airline varies with regards to their size regulations. Hence, it is essential that you check the airline that you fly most to ensure that you don’t exceed the maximum size allowed. We designed Rollux with knowledge of standard carry-on sizes in mind to ensure that it’s accepted by a majority of airlines.

How do I select the color of my bag?

You will be able to choose the color of your Rollux by filling out the fulfillment form we will send you after the campaign.


How can I become a distributor for FUGU and its associated products?

If you are interested in acting as a distributor, we would like further information about yourself and your experience in the industry before entering any sort of agreement. To that end, please send an email subject heading: Potential Distribution Partner to

When will I receive the suitcase?

The suitcase is expected to ship out around September. Please keep in mind that every country has its shipping times, regulations and possible delays, so the arrival of the bag may vary according to your location.

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