“Inflatable Suitcases are a Real Thing! Fugu luggage can blow up from a carry on to a check-in bag"

"It’s like magic! New suitcase expands with the push of a button along with many other useful features"

“Is this the ultimate suitcase for shopaholics? New bag inflates from carry-on size to check-in size"

"Innovative luggage for the honeymoon, now newlyweds can choose whatever size they want"

"Fugu Luggage expands travel options and avoids the need to shell out for an extra suitcase to to fit your souvenirs”

“An expanding suitcase that goes from carry-on to check-in sizes, adding a lot more than a couple of extra inches"

"The only luggage that can expand itself! It's strong, waterproof, has shelves, and even doubles as a laptop stand"

“Fugu is a new 'Transformer' like suitcase that expands and shrinks on demand, this product is great for travelers”

"A fantastic product for travelers requiring a small piece of luggage and in need of a bigger suitcase upon return"

“When you’re having fun on your holiday, the bag can expand, big or small, whatever you haul"

"Fugu Luggage is a compact carry-on that can ingeniously fold out into a huge yet rugged suitcase"

“Fugu Luggage avoids the need to shell out for an extra suitcase to fit all those souvenirs purchased for loved ones”

“A new take on luggage design that allows a standard carry-on size bag to transform into a full-featured, maximum-sized suitcase.”

“The FUGU LUGGAGE suitcase’s height and width make it ideal for use as a portable table or stand.”

“The FUGU may revolutionize the way you travel, rivaling Mary Poppins' magical handbag”

"Fugu expandable travel luggage, no need to agonize over which size suitcase to bring, now your luggage has the ability to transform"

At a press of a button the built-in pump expands the luggage to the size of a maximum carry-on or a maximum check-in”

こんなスーツケース、待ってました。 今や現代人の旅に欠かすことのできないスーツケースですが、誰もが一度はそのサイズで悩んだことがあるはず.

"Someone just invented the perfect suitcase, meet the world’s first puffer fish-style suitcase that will definitely come in handy"

"Next generation of smart luggage. Aside for being a carry-on and a checked bag, shelves replicate the feel of a home shelving system"

"Fugu luggage expands to fit all your stuff, this suitcase is a clever concept and a well-executed design"

"The Fugu is a suitcase full of possibilities that will change the way people pack when they travel"

"It’s like a suitcase on steroids, it can blow up from a carry on to a check-in bag, plus serve as a closet and table"

"Is this concept suitcase from Israel the next big revolution that the luggage industry needs?"

"Fugu” is actually Japanese for “pufferfish,” which makes sense because the luggage can expand when you need the extra space"

"FUGU LUGGAGE transforms from a carry-on to check-in bag, it is the solution to all your travel woes"

"Just like the marine fish, the bag can inflate, with the help of a built-in pump, taking it from carry-on size to a full-sized suitcase"

"Versatile FUGU luggage expands from suitcase to large boxy roller, it more than doubles in size"

"Say hello to Fugu Luggage that will eliminate the need for an extra suitcase to help you with carrying all the extra stuff back to home"

“An expanding suitcase that goes from carry-on to check-in sizes, adding a lot more than a couple of extra inches"​

"Israeli group of inventors and baggage designers have come up with a suitcase that can morph into a size the traveler desires"

"Can’t get the zipper up over your too-full suitcase? Never fear, this wacky new design has landed, and it’s pretty incredible"

"Fugu luggage expands its wall to become a full size luggage without compromising its durability and security"

"Modern expandable suitcase from Fugu Luggage for a happy journey"

"Fugu Luggage's main advantage is that it puts an end to the dilemma of deciding which type of bag to take"

"Brilliantly designed inflatable walls puff the Fugu from carry-on to full-size luggage in seconds"

"Fugu luggage expands as needed making room for the souvenirs and mementos that tend to accumulate during travels"

"Whether you’re leaving for two weeks or just a couple of days, the FUGU Luggage has you covered"

"Fugu Luggage, la valise qui se module selon nos besoins, une valise modulable qui s'adapte à tous les encombrements"

"Fugu expandable luggage helps fit your closet into coach, this suitcase has grabbed the attention of frequent flyers"

"Fugu Luggage: an expanding suitcase that goes from carry-on to check-in sizes to accommodate your needs"

"FUGU Luggage, a mala com paredes de ar que é um guarda-roupas portátil, a mala para todas as suas necessidades"

"FUGU, the carry-on luggage that expands, has shelves and hangers, and even turns into a table!"

"Start-up of the week aims to revolutionize travel, Fugu can grow or shrink to accommodate your needs"

"מזוודת הפלא הישראלית שתופסת תאוצה בקיקסטארטר הכירו את פוּגוּ מזוודה מתנפחת "שיכולה לשנות את גודלה ואת נפחה

"פטנט ישראלי חדש: מוצר שימושי שהפך ללהיט ברשת, המזוודה שמגשימה את חלומה של כל חובבת שופינג"

"The revolutionary suitcase that will take you out from that ultimate dilemma of choosing the perfect carry-on for your travel trips"

"Fugu stands out for its ability to transform from a carry-on to a larger piece at the push of a button"

"This suitcase is the one we've been looking for and is probably the best suitcase in the world :D "

"Fugu Luggage is awesome, an expandable suitcase with shelves and hangers that doubles as a laptop stand"

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"Fugu is meant for people who like saving space in their apartment but are not used to doing the same when travelling. Finally."