Rollux - Carry-on and Full-size suitcase - all-in-one


Rollux is everything you need in one suitcase. It’s fashionable, durable, comfortable, lightweight, user-friendly and multi-functional.
Rollux’s amazing features will bring you freedom and flexibility and will enhance your travel experience.



Within 30 days
To US and selected countries


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2 in 1

Rollux is a strong and durable carry-on, as well as a fantastic full-size check-in suitcase. Who says you can't have it all?!


From the award-winning, patented design to the unique, lux finish, your smart suitcase announces that you’re going somewhere

Money Saving

Avoid expensive baggage fees by traveling one way with a carry-on and avoid having to buy an extra suitcase for your stuff


Avoid frustrating baggage claims and long check-in lines by flying with just a carry-on

Space Saving

Save valuable closet space by collapsing your bag when it's not in use


Quality fabrics and durable materials ensure your bag holds up and always looks its best even after the toughest of flights


Even the finest details were thought of when creating Rollux


Rollux's folding mechanism is simple-to-use and expands and collapses easily


2 in 1

Rollux is a strong and durable carry-on, as well as a fantastic full-size check-in suitcase. Who says you can't have it all?!

Save Space

Don’t take up the space of a full-size suitcase when you don’t have to. Get all the convenience with one special piece of luggage

Save Money

Never pay for baggage again. Travel efficiently by deciding when a full-size suitcase or carry-on is best. Whichever you decide, you have it on you!

Be Faster

Queues? Not for you. Breeze through airport security with your carry-on that becomes a full-size suitcase when you need it


No learning curve at all, our bags are made with simplicity in mind. Just grab it and run, you've got a flight to catch!


Quality fabrics & durable materials ensure your bag lasts and always looks its best. Your bag no longer looks older than you!

Be Smarter

Get a full-size suitcase that becomes a carry-on. It’s truly smart luggage that’s better at everything - just like you

Show Off

Be the envy of friends and colleagues with the beautiful, smart, award-winning luggage that does it all

Best New Design

Award Winner

Best New Design

Award Winner

2-in-1 Expandable Bag
Expands in seconds​
on the Go
Spinner Wheels



10 reviews for Rollux – Carry-on and Full-size suitcase – all-in-one

  1. Zac

    Great idea and amazing execution. I enjoy using it every trip

  2. Adam

    The quality of material is top notch! I used it once so far, and it worked out nicely! However I wish the locking mechanism were a little easier to work and lock into place.

  3. Griff

    Lightweight, attractive and ingenious yet simple mechanical design, I am really loving my Rollux. And the shoulder bag is perfect for carry-on. It fits right under the seat.

  4. Amanda

    I am in love with this luggage. I travel full time and am very picky about what I carry. The Rollux is lightweight, sleek, beautiful, and so practical. It is basically two pieces of luggage in one because it is expandable. I won’t ever travel without it! Amazing!!

  5. Jimmy

    As travel vloggers, we beat up our luggage because we travel all the time. We found Rollux at a travel show we attended and were instantly obsessed! We now refuse to travel without it. We love the expandable feature! We can check it our carry it on. We love the durability, removable wheels, sexy look, and function. It’s an amazing piece of luggage that we will never travel without again. We also love how well the Rollux works with the Minilux. So versatile, and we love the Minilux popup desk feature.

  6. Jose Villarrral

    Amazing luggage! Everything fit on it and if I decide to buy anything on the trip I can always expand it! Even my wife wants one now.

  7. Celeste Pacifico

    So we used our Rollux in it’s smaller version on our way to Europe. The bag really held a lot. I did take off the wheels and placed them in the side pouch just to be extra careful. Then of course we bought olive oil and olives which meant that we needed extra room and thank goodness the Rollux expands. I didn’t secure the sides well enough do the one side collapsed during the flights but no problem. The Rollux held up really well and it looks very classy. And after emptying it, I had no problems to reduce the size again. Definitely a great buy.

  8. Chuck Lowenstein

    I really like the ability to remove the wheels. That has been the Achilles heel for the spinners I have used in the past. It is not as large as some would like, but, with the 23kg limit for most travelers, it is just right.

  9. Wei Leong

    Very fast delivery to my country! Unboxed and love it so far. Cant wait to bring on my trip!

  10. k kissack

    only useful if you take less than you bring back

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